Welcome to Wildrockies Slate
Today is a good day; we start with a blank Slate...

—Jim Coefield

I’d like to welcome everybody to the newest incarnation of the Wildrockies Slate. The Slate has been dedicated to providing support and services to nonprofits and activists in the Wild Rockies Bioregion since 1995. While we have undergone many changes and changed locations and affiliations, our mission is still the same. Our aim is to continue providing services to those working tirelessly to protect and preserve the values of the the land that we have all come to cherish.

I have provided a sketch—a teaser, maybe—of the Slate, a place to gather ideas and information about this place we have come to call the WIld Rockies. Check back often, as I will be rolling out much of what I plan to offer in the future.

And thank you to those who have encouraged me and supported me over the years to continue on in this pursuit!

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Thank You for Your Support!

By Jim Coefield

Many thanks,


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Notes about our Systems and Upgrades

By Jim Coefield

Some of you may have been aware that there have been changes in our services recently. Over the years, we have changed locations several times, and moved from one network services provider to another.

After moving to the second floor of the Wilma Building with the Big Sky Conservation Institute in 2004, last year we moved upstairs to the 3rd floor offices of High Plains Films and the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, where we are located today.

At the end of October, we upgraded our Internet connections, and all of our associated networking gear. Last month, we upgraded hardware and software from our old legacy equipment that we utilized while at the Ecology Center, at the old Ceretana Grain Mill site. Last year we installed a new high volume listserver for use by the Film Festival.

So it is with grand fanfare that the end of this year finds us with new equipment and new technologies, which have allowed me to construct the new Wild Rockies Slate with state of the art tools. I anticipate much fun as I continue to construct this website, and provide a new venue for people to participate in. I’ll provide updates as it progresses, and will undoubtedly contact many of you for contributions.

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